We have huts and bungalows. On the German side of our website you find informations and pictures under "Beherbergung" and under "Campingplatz" you find a plan of of the campsite with the buildings.

If the language is a problem, or you have other questions, we'll be glad to give more informations. In that case, please write us an email:

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If you want to book, also please send us an email with these informations:

  • Name:  
  • Postcode and city:
  • Street and housenumber:
  • Email-adress:
  • Telephonenumber:
    Your wishes                       -- Bungalow (wich one) – Hut – Place at the campingsite
  • And per bungalow or hut:
  • Number of adults:
  • Number of children:
  • Age of the children:
  • Animal(s):
  • Date of arrival:
  • Date of departure: